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wasserman Ilene Proctor Proudly Presents
#73 in the Great Mind Series

How We Will Shut Down the Diablo Canyon Nukes

Safe Energy Activists & Veteran Diablo Civil Disobedients; This is Harvey's 7th appearance in the Great Minds series.
With Special Guests: David Crosby, Cynthia Papermaster & David Bender
Mimi Kennedy
  TICKETS; $25.00 (includes dinner and drinks)
Date: Thursday, December 18 at 7:00 PM

PDLA and SCADA Member, $20.00
Address will be given with RSVP

PLEASE RSVP EARLY, 310-858-6643

Citizen Action has successfully shut the two reactors at San Onofre...a great triumph for our Mother Earth. We are all healthier, safer and richer for that grassroots victory.

Now we must silence the double reactors up the coast at San Luis Obispo.

They are surrounded by earthquake faults. Prevailing winds bring their radiation directly down the coast to Southern California. They were designed in the 1960s. They constantly kill billions of sea creatures. There is no place to put their wast. An accident would lead to unspeakable consequences for us all.

Their time for shutdown is long past due. Their owner, PG&E, has just been fined $1.4 billion for killing 8 people with&E is in financial straits. More citizens have been arrested at this site than any other in America.

There are at least four major parallel citizen action campaigns now aimed at shutting down these reactors. Any one of them welcomes you.

The plants are paid for by the ratepayers of Northern California. But the radiation mostly blows south down the coast. In other words, right here.

This gathering is meant to inform, energize, plan and commit us all to winning another great victory over the nuclear power industry, ant to finally bring California to Solartopia, a green-powered state where we can live in harmony and safety with our nuke-free Mother Earth.

Join us at this rare and wonderful gathering...bring your best intentions and let's figure out how to win this one NOW.

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