Ilene Proctor Proudly Presents
#71 in the Great Minds Series:


Internationally Known Award-Winning Author and Lecturer
Hosts: Jerry and Jan Manpearl
939 San Vicente Blvd.,
Santa Monica CA 90402
Sunday, August 31, 3 PM

TICKETS: $25.00 includes dinner and drinks
PDLA and SCADA members, $20.00
ilenepr@sbcglobal.net,        310-858-6643


       Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the nation's leading progressive political analysts. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad.
        "A prolific author, a charismatic speaker, and a regular guest on radio and television talk shows, Parenti communicates his message in an accessible, provocative, and historically informed style that is unrivaled among fellow progressive activists and thinkers." --Aurora Online, January 2004.
        "Michael Parenti is a towering prophetic voice in American life. We need him now more than ever." --Cornel West.
        "Parenti offers a valuable rebuttal to the drumbeat...from the right."--New York Times Book Review.
        "A penetrating and persuasive writer with an astonishing array of documentation to implement his attacks." --The Catholic Journalist


        "Here at home and throughout the world people are fighting back against the forces of wealth, privilege, and militarism - some because they have no choice, others because they would choose no other course but the one that leads to peace and justice." --Michael Parenti



"Michael Parenti's poignant and wonderfully written memoir proves that nostalgia--in the right hands such as his--can be a liberating force."

--Stanislao Pugliese, Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian-American Studies

"This book is a remarkable combination of the personal and political, a brave, honest memoir and a provocative social analysis presented in a captivating way."

--Milina Jovanovic, Ethnic Studies Scholar


  • Democracy for the Few Democracy for the Few
  • Contrary Notions Contrary Notions
  • The Face of Imperialism The Face of Imperialism
  • God and His Demons God and His Demons
  • The Assassination of Julius Caesar The Assassination of Julius Caesar

[About the Moderator - Professor Peter Mathews]


Subject: RE: Michael Parenti: (Aug.15,2014) I don’t know what is going on but the last few Barnes and Noble event I attended, in Santa Clarita Valley and Newbury Park area were poorly attended. Can’t say they didn’t advertise (which is how I knew) but the word of mouth is not as strong as your events are . . . Your reputation for drawing great people, having wonderful interpersonal audiences and the relaxation plays to your credit. See you on the 31st. Peace out, --Minerva

John Dean's
NIXON: What He Knew
and When He Knew It
September 18, 2010

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Michael Parenti Introduces
Professor of Political Science

and his new book
DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All

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