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Human Rights Campaign Comes Out with a Glorious Night to Celebrate Diversity

By Ilene Proctor"

'Evolve' was the key word at the Human Rights Campaign fundraiser March 14 at the JW Mariott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The word has depth. It has meaning. It's the word that separates the tolerant from the intolerant, the educated from the uneducated, and the true Christians from the faux Christians. [Read Story]

TAG #OLLYWOOD | FOXCHASER | Review by Ilene Proctor

In Cold Blood: The story of John E du Pont in the FOXCHASER
From the demented mind of Richard Mellon Scaife, to the Bush Dynasty, to John E Du Pont, the subject of the new film Foxcatcher. Steve Carell makes a stunning metamorphosis into John E. du Pont, scion of the wealthiest family in America, and a disturbed and emotionally stunted magnate. The film focuses on du Pont's tortured relationship with Olympic wrestling brothers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). Director Bennett Miller's creates mounting intensity that culminates in the fatal shooting. Viewers, on the other hand, will be glued to their seats, mesmerized by the powerful performances and the tragic consequences of the demented mind of John E du Pont.
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Might As Well Face It, America Is Addicted to War - by Ilene Proctor

...Make no mistake, things have been done to America that are unwise, unjust, unconscionable, unacceptable and un-American by President George Bush (and Obama) who pursued his partisanship, his profiteering, his perjury, his pardons and his power that were frankly, unpardonable. ... [Read More].

The Franklin Scandals | Nick Bryant | book review

A Powerful New Book that Unveils The Secrets of Sex and Pedophiloia Amongst Washington D.C.s Privileged, Making this the Most Surppressed Crime Story in American History -- If you can handle the truth, read this book. [Read more]

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