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"Can One Person Make Eye Contact

with Millions of People Each Day?"

by Ilene Proctor

Impossible, you say. But with public relations it's not only possible, it's probable when you know how to use the media as the medium to reach out and touch millions of consumers.

Public Relations is the business that not only knows where you're going, but charts the best course for your going there. You can be the best or have the best products in the world, but without the spotlight, nobody will know.

e live in a world where informa- tion is power and communication


and communication is the conduit for that power. The global village is now a reality. This means that for marketing a product good public relations are no longer an option; it is a necessity.

   The value of publicity cannot be underestimated in the highly volatile world of business. How a particular product or personality is presented to the public can have a huge impact on success or failure.

       No matter how good your product or client is, or how wonderful your informa-


PR is much more cost-effective than advertising because an editorial is perceived as far more objective. It reads as an editor's opinion rather than your own. It implies a level of endorsement that advertising doesn't. That is the power of PR.

       While a consumer may harbor built-in reservations vis-à-vis advertisements and commercials, they are more prone to accept and believe the PR message because it comes in the form of subtle news and information.

       Most business owners attribute a 25%

tion is, unless people know bout its value, you're not getting your message to the masses of people who can benefit. Evidence of my PR agency's expertise can be found in the thousands of stories it has generated for clients, including news coverage by CNN, ABC News, CBS News, the Asso-ciated Press, Dow Jones News, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, People, the Washington Post, and hundreds of industry pro-

to 50% increase in their business strictly to PR. After a public relations campaign brought a spa client of mine to the attention of Harper's Bazaar, the salon received 2,475 calls as a result; and a few new clients drove hundreds of miles for their services ever since.

   Another time, the Los Angeles Police Depart-ment contacted me to help them sell a 37,000-seat concert fundraiser

industry and professional publications. If a product isn't seen, it can't be experienced. And if it isn't seen and experienced it won't be believed. So we begin with the problem of visibility, of working to strip away the nonessentials so that your efforts to become recognized will become reality. Don't become missing in inaction.

       Public Relations is the business that not only knows where you're going, but charts the best course for your going there. You can be the best or have the best products in the world, but without the spotlight, nobody will know.


Ilene Proctor International Public Relations,  a  landmark agency since 1988, will help you not only obtain recognition  for  your  product  but  also build  sales,  boost  your  bottom  line,  define and create an image, and help establish yourself as an expert in your field.

they were doing with Linda Ronstadt. Their problem: They were telemarketing the tickets; and as soon as the people they called heard they were the police, they found every excuse under the sun, moon, and stars to get off the phone! The LAPD tried to sell tickets for six months; and for all their efforts, only 300 were sold.

       An additional dilemma: They only had one month left. My solution: I obtained a major five-column article on page two in the  Los Angeles Times with a story that showed poor Sergeant Gomez sitting at his desk, stacked to the rafters with unsold tickets to the concert. The implied message waqs that he couldn't do his important police work until the tickets were sold. Result: We sold out the concert in one day ... 36,700.


     Another time, I was asked by the United Nations General Assembly to do a . . .

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